Who's Who of Victorian Cinema: A Worldwide Survey is no longer in print, either from its original publisher, the British Film Institute, or from The Projection Box, which was selling the book until August 2008. To check for second-hand copies, try the AddAll used and out of print search service.

Edited by Stephen Herbert and Luke McKernan

'The movies' arrived in 1895 and had reached almost every corner of the globe by the end of 1896. At the close of the nineteenth century 'the cinema' was firmly established as a medium of entertainment, instruction and experiment, making fortunes and reputations and changing the way that people looked on their world.

This book records the lives of the people who made this happen. Not only the inventors and the first film-makers, but also the subjects of those first films (actors, sportsmen, politicians); and the opportunists, eccentrics, propagandists and crooks who adopted the new medium with enthusiasm.

From Thomas Edison, inventor, to Eugène Pirou, pornographer; and from Alice Guy, director, to James Corbett, boxer - over 250 key figures worldwide are entertainingly documented in an authoritative reference work.

23 contributors. With introduction, technical essay and list of motion picture devices. 178pp.

London: British Film Institute, 1996