Below are all of the contributors to Who's Who of Victorian Cinema, with a short description for each and a listing of the entries written or co-written by them.

Barry Anthony is an authority on Victorian stage entertainment and is co-author with Richard Brown of A Victorian Enterprise: The History of the British Mutoscope and Biograph Company, 1897-1915.

Annabelle, Sarah Bernhardt, Ena Bertoldi, William Brady, G.H. Chirgwin, Buffalo Bill Cody, Footit and Chocolat, Loïe Fuller, Demetrius Anastas Georgiades and George John Tragidis, Walter Gibbons, May Irwin, Dan Leno, Little Tich, Paulus, Ruth St Denis, Fred Storey, Wilhelm II

John Barnes was the author of the standard work on British Victorian cinema, the five volume The Beginnings of the Cinema in England, 1894-1901. He died in 2008.

Spencer Clarke, Esme Collings, Alfred Darling, David Devant, Jules Fuerst, Carl Hertz, John Nevil Maskelyne, Robert Paul, Lewis Sealy, John Tester, Félicien Trewey, Philipp Wolff

Dave Berry was the author of Wales and Cinema: The First Hundred Years. He died in 2010.

Arthur Cheetham

Ivo Blom teaches film history and theory at the Vrije Universiteit, Amsterdam. In 2003 he published Jean Desmet and the Early Dutch Film Trade.

Anton Nöggerath

Stephen Bottomore is filmmaker and writer, researching into many aspects of early cinema.

Abd al-Aziz, Albert I, John Bacon, Walter Beevor, John Benett-Stanford, Marius, Pierre and Lucie Chapuis, Winston Churchill, Will Day, Vicomte Henry and Comtesse Marie-Anne de Grandsaignes d'Hauterives, Alfred Dreyfus, Ernest Hatch, Mary Hitchcock, Edgar Hyman, Léar, Mrs Aubrey Le Blond, Louis Minier, William Paley, Paulus, Pawel Piasecki, Eugène Pirou, Don Ramirez, Joseph Rosenthal, F.B. Stewart, Frederic Villiers, Robert Wood

Henri Bousquet has produced a multi-volume catalogue of early Pathé production.

Charles Pathé, Ferdinand Zecca

Richard Brown was a freelance historian and co-author with Barry Anthony of A Victorian Enterprise: The History of the British Mutoscope and Biograph Company, 1897-1915 (1999) and The Kinetoscope: A British History (2017). He died in 2020.

Birt Acres, R.J. Appleton, James Bamforth, Herman Casler, W.K-L. Dickson, George Francis, Elias Koopman, John Le Couteur, Joseph, William, Herbert, Arnold and Bernard Riley, Eugen Sandow, William Smedley, A.D. Thomas

Ian Christie is Professor of Film and Media History at Birkbeck College, London, and an authority on Russian and Soviet Cinema.

Thomas Edison, Maxim Gorky, Nikolas II

Brian Coe was curator of the Kodak Museum, and was the author of The History of Movie Photography. He died in 2007.

George Eastman, Albert Londe, Eadweard Muybridge

David M. Copeland has researched Willie Riley of Riley Bros. for over twenty years and completed a two-year Master of Philosophy degree at the University of Bradford about the life, works and legacy of W. Riley in 2009.

Joseph, Willie, Herbert, Arnold and Herbert Riley

Roland Cosandey teaches in Lausanne, Switzerland. He has published works on the Swiss cinema, animation and various aspects of early film.

François Dussaud, Henri Lavanchy-Clarke, Casimir Sivan

Peter Domankiewicz (aka Carpenter) is a filmmaker with a particular interest in William Friese Greene and his associates.

William Friese Greene, John Rudge

Denis Gifford was the author of the British Film Catalogue (fiction and non-fiction volumes) and numerous works on film, radio, and comics. He died in 2000.

R.J. Appleton, James Stuart Blackton, Walter Booth, A.C. Bromhead, G.H. Cricks, T.P. Crowther, Frank Haydon and George Urry, Tom Merry, Jasper Redfern, Joseph, William, Herbert, Arnold and Bernard Riley, Albany Ward

Frank Gray is Curator of Screen Archive South East, England, and a Senior Lecturer in Media Studies and Art History at the University of Brighton.

Franck Maguire and Joseph Baucus, George Albert Smith

Luis Guadano is Associate Professor of Spanish at Old Dominion University in Virginia, USA. His field of research is Spanish film and visual media.

Maud Irving, Edwin Rousby

Mervyn Heard was an authority on magic lanterns, fairgrounds and other forms of Victorian entertainment. He died in 2017.

George Green, Sophie Hancock, Randall Williams

Stephen Herbert is an independent publisher and moving image consultant, and former Head of Technical Services at the Museum of the Moving Image, London.

Edward Amet, Thomas Armat, James Bamforth, August Baron, Robert Royou Beard, Alexander Black, Leon-Guillaume Bouly, Lucien Bull, Charles Chinnock, Clément-Maurice, Jehanne d'Alcy, Wordsworth Donisthorpe, William Friese Greene, William Heise, Burton Holmes, Henry Hopwood, W.C. Hughes, Jules Janssen, C. Francis Jenkins, Leo Kamm, Grey, Otway and Woodville Latham, Eugène Lauste, Louis Le Prince, Jean Aimé LeRoy, Andrée Lumière, Antoine Lumière, Auguste Lumière, Louis Lumière, Harry Marvin, Charles Moisson, Charles Goodwin Norton, Nicholas Power, John Alfred Prestwich, Kazimierz Proszynski, Norman Raff and Frank Gammon, Joe Rastus, Denny Tolliver and Walter Wilkins, Matt Raymond, Enoch Rector, Emile Reynaud, John Henry Rigg, Joseph, William, Herbert, Arnold and Bernard Riley, Henry Short, J.H. Smith, Félicien Trewey, Alexander Victor, Alexis, Michel and Eugène Werner, C.L. 'Valley' White, Cecil Wray, Alfred Wrench

Nicholas Hiley has researched widely into the British media at the turn of the century.

Arthur S. Newman, George Newnes, Jack Smith

David Lee is Archivist at the Wessex Film and Sound Archive, Winchester, England.

Alfred West

Juan Pablo Lepra is a marketing consultant in Uruguay. He wrote his BSC dissertation on Félix Oliver and is preparing a film script on the Uruguayan pioneer.

Max Glücksmann, Félix Oliver

Chris Long has written a series of articles entitled Australia's First Films: Facts and Fables for the journal Cinema Papers.

Henry Walter Barnett, Mark Blow, Herbert Booth, A.C. Haddon, Joseph Perry, Marius Sestier, E.J. Thwaites, Fredrick Wills

Janet McBain is a former Curator of the Scottish Screen Archive, now retired.

John Chalmers

Luke McKernan is Lead Curator, News and Moving Image, at the British Library.

Fred Ackerman, Mirza Ebrahim Khan Akkas Bashi, Alexandre, 'Professor' Phillip Anderson, Arai Saburo, Henry Walter Barnett, Ena Bertoldi, H.S. Bhatvadekar, Billy Bitzer, Mark Blow, Robert Bonine, Herbert Booth, A.C. Bromhead, Jim Corbett, Danjuro IX, W.N.L. Davidson, Francis Doublier, Eugène-Louis Doyen, Eugène Dupont, Peter Elfelt, Bob Fitzsimmons, Camille Flammarion, James Freer, Leopoldo Fregoli, Fructuoso Gelabert, William Gilmore, W.G. Grace, Alice Guy, A.C. Haddon, Georges Hatot, Cecil Hepworth, Richard G. Hollaman, Andrew and George Holland, Inahata Katsutaro, Jim Jeffries, Kawaura Ken'ichi, George Kleine, Komada Koyo, Jan Krizenecky, Leo XIII, Li Hung Chang, Wallace McCutcheon, John Macintyre, William McKinley, Gheorge Marinescu, Arthur Marvin, Paul Menu, Félix Mesguich, Robert A. Mitchell, Fred Ott, Joseph Perry, Persimmon, Wilhelm Pfeffer, Percy Pilcher, Edwin S. Porter, Alexandre Promio, Eugène Py, Sydney Race, Antonio Ramos, Joe Rastus, Denny Tolliver and Walter Wilkins, Aurélio da Paz dos Reis, James Ricalton, Wilhelm Röntgen, G. Sacco Albanese, Albert Samama, Eberhard Schneider, John Schuberg, Affonso Segreto, Hiralal Sen, Marius Sestier, Shibata Tsunekichi, Albert Smith, Josef Svab-Malostransky, Arnold and Zsigmond Sziklay, E.J. Thwaites, Louis Tinayre, Salvador Toscano Barragan, Herbert Beerbohm Tree, Manuel Trujillo Durán, Edward G. Turner, Edward R. Turner, Mór Ungerleider, Charles Urban, Gabriel Veyre, Queen Victoria, William Walker, Robert Watkins, Charles Webster, James White, Alfred Whitehouse, Frederick Wills, Alfred Wrench, Yokota Einosuke

Laurent Mannoni is the author of Le grand art de la lumière et de l'ombre. He is responsible for historical apparatus at the Cinémathèque Française.

Jules Carpentier, George William De Bedts, Georges Demenÿ, Léon Gaumont, Raoul Grimoin-Sanson, Henri Joly, Etienne-Jules Marey, Ambroise-François Parnaland

Theodoros Natsinas is an historian of Greek cinema.

Demetrius Anastas Georgiades and George John Tragidis

David Robinson is the author of works on Charlie Chaplin and Georges Méliès and a history of the cinema. He is Director of Le Giornate del Cinema Muto silent film festival.

Vittorio Calcina, Georges Méliès, Italo Pacchioni

Deac Rossell is a former Head of Programming at the National Film Theatre and the author of The New Thing with the Long Name and the Old Thing with the Name That Isn't Much Shorter, a major chronology of the cinema to the end of 1896, and Living Pictures: The Origins of the Movies.

Ottomar Anschütz, Thomas Blair, André Carré, Eugène Dupont, Frank Dyer, Abraham Erlanger, Carl Florman, H.O. Foersterling, A.J. Gee, Demetrius Anastas Georgiades and George John Tragidis, Max Gliewe, Lyman Howe, Emile and Vincent Isola, Benjamin Keith, Siegmund Lubin, Boleslaw Matuszewski, Oskar Messter, Madame Olinka, Vilhelm Pacht, Numa Peterson, Theodor Reich, William Rock, C.V. Roikjer, William Selig, Max Skladanowsky, Christian Slieker, George K. Spoor, Ludwig Stollwerck

Martin Sopocy is the author of James Williamson: Studies and Documents of a Pioneer of the Film Narrative.

James Williamson

Vanessa Toulmin is Research Director of the National Fairground Archive, University of Sheffield.

Sagar Mitchell and James Kenyon

Rashit Yangirov was a journalist and freelance historian of early Russian and Soviet cinema. He died in 2008.

Ivan Akimov, Charles Aumont, A. Fedetsky, Aleksei Samarsky, Vladimir Sashin-Fyodorov


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