William John Le Couteur

British producer

Originally a surgeon, John Le Couteur founded an exclusive 'Photographic Association' in 1894 at the suggestion of the Duke of Newcastle. He also became the agent for the DemenĂ¿/Gaumont film equipment, and a large selection of 60 mm paper-print film clips taken by him in 1897 survive in the English film copyright records. At this time his film work must have been quite extensive, and he claimed to have spent over £200 filming Queen Victoria's Diamond Jubilee with three cameras. Despite his social connections, Le Couteur was not a successful businessman, and in 1898 was replaced as head of the Gaumont agency in England by his one-time assistant, A.C. Bromhead. In May 1905, depressed by his lack of success and increasing financial worries, he and his wife Maud committed double suicide at the Photographic Association premises in Brook Street, Hanover Square.

Richard Brown