This section covers a wide range of resources for readers to take further their interest in Victorian cinema, or Victorian life as reflected through the projected image. Follow the links on the left-hand menu for individual sections.


Below is a selection of Victorian cinema titles which are freely, and legitimately, available online. These and other titles can also be found as links on the entries for the individuals involved. The films come from the Victorian era (pre-1901) only i.e. films made later in an individual's career are not featured. More films will be added as they become available.

Annie Oakley (USA 1894)

Annie Oakley, the 'Little Sure Shot' from Buffalo Bill Cody's Wild West show was filmed by W.K-L. Dickson at the Edison 'Black Maria' studio on 1 November 1894.



Film medical realizat de profesor G. Marinescu (Rumania 1898-1901)

Compilation of medical films made by the Rumanian neurologist Gheorge Marinescu, originally produced between 1898 and 1901.



The Kiss (USA 1896)

May Irwin and John C. Rice in the still famous Edison Vitascope film, which became one of the most celebrated (notorious in some quarters) films of the era. The scene was originally part of their Broadway hit, The Window Jones.



The Old Maid's Valentine (UK 1900)

Curious and cruel one-shot comedy where an 'old maid' receives what she thinks is a Valentine's Day card but what is a cartoon with the legend 'Just like you mama'. Made by G.A. Smith.



Panorama of Calcutta (UK 1899)

One of the earliest surviving films of India, a travelling shot taken along the Hooghly river, though the film does not show Kolkata (Calcutta), but rather Varanasi. Produced by Charles Urban for the Warwick Trading Company.



Percy Pilcher (UK 1897)

Animation of the seven surviving frames (reproduced in a contemporary journal article) showing Percy Pilcher taking to the air in his glider 'The Hawk', 20 June 1897. Probably filmed by William L.S. Lockyer.



Street scenes (Hungary 1896)

Two Budapest street scenes, possibly filmed by (or for) the brothers Arnold and Zsigmond Sziklay in May 1896



View from an Engine Front - Ilfracombe (UK 1898)

Example of a 'phantom ride' - an actuality film taken from the front of a moving train, here showing the countryside aroiund Ilfracombe, Devon. Produced by Charles Urban for the Warwick Trading Company.



Women's Rights (UK 1899)

Inspired by a series of postcards, this features two women (men in drag) whose gossiping over their rights is duly punished by two young men nailing their skirts to a fence. Produced by James Bamforth.



Yarmouth Fishing Boats Leaving Harbour (UK 1896)

Fleeting actuality film of fishing boats in Yarmouth, England, made by Birt Acres.



Žofínská Plovárna (Bohemia 1898)

A comic crowd of swimmers at the Žofín Lido, Prague in 1898, filmed by Jan Krizenecky.