This section covers a wide range of resources for readers to take further their interest in Victorian cinema, or Victorian life as reflected through the projected image. Follow the links on the left-hand menu for individual sections.


The following journals feature early film subjects either exclusively or occasionally.


Scholarly early film journal of the Association Française de Recherche sur l'Histoire du Cinéma. It has given generous coverage to Victorian cinema subjects. Its title comes from the year traditionally given for the 'birth' of cinema. Published in French. Further details.

19 - Interdisciplinary Studies in the Long Nineteenth Century

Online journal offering academic essays and related information on the outputs of Birbeck College's interdisciplinary Centre for Nineteenth-Century Studies, with a definite emphasis on visual and the audio-visual. Further details.

Bianco e Nero

Italian film studies journal which has in the past given generous coverage to early Italian cinema, including several special numbers. In Italian.

Cinema Papers

Australian cinema journal which has carried some excellent papers on early Australian film from Chris Long, including a key series on the Victorian period published 1993-94.


Film journal from the Cinémathèque Française, with occasional pieces on early cinema themes, inclcding a number on the Victorian period from Laurent Mannoni. In French.

Early Popular Visual Culture

Multidisciplinary journal covering popular forms of image production (still and moving) to 1930, covering magic cinema, photography, magic lanterns and music hall within the fields of entertainment, education, science, advertising and the domestic environment. Published by Routledge, two issues a year. The journal succeeds the previous Living Pictures: The Journal of the Popular and Projected Image before 1914. Further details.

Film History

American film journal covering history through film and history of film, with occasional articles on early film, notably special issues edited by Stephen Bottomore. Further details.


Journal produced by the Cineteca del Friuli for the Giornate del Cinema Muto silent film festival. Scholarly, eclectic and beautifully illustrated, it has included articles on Victorian cinema including a special issue devoted to the European Biograph companies. In English and Italian. Further details.

Historical Journal of Film, Radio and Television

Respected scholarly journal on multi-media history and history through the modern media. It has the occasional essay on early cinema, sometimes publishing articles in English previously published in German in KINtop. Further details.


The leading early cinema journal, which publishes book-length special issues as well as mixed collections of articles. Published in German, but some essays have been issued subsequently in English in other journals. It has produced notable special numbers on Oskar Messter and Ludwig Stollwerck. Further details.

Nineteenth Century Theatre and Film

Covers similar territory to Living Pictures, having recently had a change of title, though its bias is still predominantly towards theatre. Further details.

Sight and Sound

Although the current Sight and Sound seldom considers early film, past issues have included important articles on Victorian film, and it produced some useful historical overviews during the 'centenary of cinema' period. Further details.

Visual Culture in Britain